Sad Mountains Screensaver

Sad Mountains Screensaver

Sad Mountains Screensaver offers a strange rocky landscape

Sad Mountains Screensaver offers a strange landscape to decorate your screen with. This screensaver shows weird rocky mountains that emerge from the tranquil waters of a lake or sea. The sky is overcast and it looks like it is just about to rain. The water has a bit of movement and the scene is accompanied by water sounds that make it more realistic. From my point of view, the scene is a bit depressing and I really wouldn't use it on my screen. The screensaver also lacks music and neither can you add your own, which is a shame.

From the settings menu, you will be able to customize the image size, animation speed, and sounds. You will notice that the "Music" box is checked, but this option is not available for this screensaver. If you want, you can add a transparent analog clock in any of the screen corners and if you check the "Auto preview" box you will be able to see the image in a small viewer with animations, just like in the screensaver.

In short, I wouldn't use this screensaver to decorate my screen by any means, but if you are a fan of strange landscapes, Sad Mountains Screensaver may work for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Strange image
  • Free
  • You can add a clock


  • No music
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